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Gwangju city signed an MOU with AI solution developers, Seongdo and Pinetree System

According to Yonhap News,

Gwanju city signed the 48th and 49th partnership deal with two AI application developers, Seongdo and Pinetree System, to build up tech-base to facilitate an AI ecosystem on Nov 4. These two counterparts agreed to incorporate separate business entities in the communities to help form an AI hub in Gwangju city.

Seongdo, which has developed manufacturing inspection equipment software and industrial safety protective equipment, is planning to push for a new business project, developing AI machines one for monitoring the surface of carbon steel products and the other for predicting failures in production lines.

Pinetree system, an AI-based medical service and security solution provider, plans to commercialize a real-time sleep endoscopic medical care sharing system analyzing medical records of each case of endoscopic surgery. City mayor said “We’ll keep working on helping these new investors moving into Gwangju city so as to let them start their own business and specialize in a wide variety of technologies to be applied.”

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Source: Yonhap News (Nov 4, 2020)