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Gwangju city to accommodate ‘Gwangju Artificial Intelligence Data Center’

According to Newsis,

A construction project to facilitate what’s called ‘Gwangju Artificial Intelligence Data Center’, a preceding event to celebrate the grand opening of national hub of AI in the city appears to break ground. Gwangju city said on Jan 3 that the local authorities picked NHN as a managing body, which will orchestrate the construction project to form a main center of the AI hub.

With KRW 92.3 billion investments, the data center, which begins construction, accommodates space to house NHN’s 10.7petabyte-scale storage system and 8.85petaflops supercomputers, through which local SMEs, startups, research groups and businesses involved are able to advance smart solutions and AI technologies from the year 2021. Tenants in the AI hub can have open access to the supercomputers and the could service from late 2022, alongside associated components such as processing tools and data analytic systems to research and develop AI solutions.

NHN, in particular, unveiled its investment plan to establish a new AI research center in the city by the end of 2023, funneling human and financial resources into forming the city-wide AI ecosystem and hiring more than 30 local talents every year until 2029.

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Source: Newsis (Jan 3, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.