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SoloPower Korea Establishes Gwangju Plant

SoloPower, a CISG thin-film solar cell manufacturer, completed construction of its Gwangju plant last week.

SoloPower established its plant on a 39,649 m2 site in a foreign investment zone in Gwangju with cooperation from CTI Korea, to produce CIGS thin-film solar cells of 155 mW annually.

SoloPower Korea CEO Song Dong-jeong noted that SoloPower Korea invested total USD 250 million to establish CIGS thin-flim solar cell manufacturing facilities in Gwangju which will begin operation next year.

CEO Song said that the company plans to introduce SolowPower’s technology to establish production facilities of 155 mW in Gwangju and expand the facilities. He also noted that Portland plant will be in charge of the American and European market, and Gwangju plant in charge of markets in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

CIGS thin film solar cell has compounds consisting of four elements to absorb light and produce electricity. Its advantage is lighter weight than that of previous silicon solar cells.

With its flexibility and high efficiency, CIGS thin-film solar cells can be installed and applied to various uses in our daily lives, including buildings, airports, convention centers, individual houses, advertisement boards, truck ceilings and more, bring a great industrial effect.

CEO Song noted that Gwangju mayor Kang Woon-tae’s strong will to promote investment and support made the investment possible, in addition to Gwangju’s outstanding workforce and advantageous environment to expand to overseas markets, including Middle East and Southeast Asia. He also said that it is great to establish the manufacturing facilities in Gwangju since the agreement signing in October of 2012.

Source Text

Source: Yonhap News (Oct. 1, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.