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Daegu & Gwangju to Secure National Budget for Moonlight Partnership
(DAEGU = Newsis) The city of Daegu and Gwangju seeks to secure the national budget for “the moonlight partnership” in 2014.

Two cities held a meeting in the National Assembly on 18 December to secure the national budget for the partnership between two cities. The meeting was attended by both cities’ assistant ministers for planning and coordination and budget planning officers.

During the meeting, two cities discussed the measures to secure the budget for the various projects including technological industrialization of the Daeduk research and development area, support of operations of Daegu National Science Museum, support of installation of the platform screen doors for the subways.

The cities shared their intentions to work together to reflect their requirements as planned in the national budget for the year of 2014.

Officials also discussed some issues including the railroad construction projects between two cities, the early expansion of 88 highways, and relocation of the military airport.

“Both Daegu and Gwangju are the major cities and represent Yeongnam and Honam regions. Two cities have developed such a great relationship since 2009 thanks to the moonlight partnership. We have witnessed active exchange in both public and private sector from the DGIST-GIST research cooperation, various volunteer works to the goodwill baseball matches. We will push ahead and strengthen the mutual cooperation to secure the budget for our partnership,” said Mayor of Daegu Kim Bum-il.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Dec. 18, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.