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Gwangju Starts up 3D Contents Media Industry

Gwangju City secures the 3D contents media industry as a next generation's growth engine. Gwangju predominates the media market, through which it prepared the foothold to born again as the hub of Asian cultures.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance designated the "3D content media industry vitalization project" submitted by Gwangju City on April as the project subject to the preliminary feasibility study during the first semester of 2014. As it is designated as a project subject to the preliminary feasibility study of Government, Gwangju's "3D contents media industry vitalization project" takes the momentum now. As the large project where total 117.5 billion won will be injected from 2015 to 2019, "3D contents media industry vitalization project" is the plan to transform the Songam Industrial Complex, of which functions of industrial complex have been degraded, into the creative cultual industry cluster.

Building the media industry cluster is to complete the all stage of cultural contents industry from planning, production and to distribution as a value chain system by building "the creative contents distribution and exchange center", which will perform the pivotal functions of planning, creation and production linked with "Gwangju CGI Center", which has been vitalized as the best domestic advanced media post-production base.

If '3D contents media industry vitalization project' designated as the project subject to preliminary feasibility study this time may be passed the feasibility study by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance within this year, it can be supported with the national expenses required for project promotion from next year.

Feasibility study is the stage to determine if this project is needed for the country and this is the moment needed the supports and encourage of the citizens more than anything.

If the project cost is fully invested, it is expected to have economic ripple effects with about 334.3 billion won of production inducement effects, 88.3 billion won of value added inducement effects and 1,003 employments inducement effects. In addition to such simple quantitative numbers, it seems to be the opportunity for Gwangju, which suggested the visions of participation, innovation, sharing and cooperation since rice ball community (주먹밥 공동체) in 1980, to step up as a representative city of creative culture industry now.

Particularly, the opening of Asian Culture Complex in 2015 and the transfer of the public institutions related to culture to the Bitgaram Innovative City become the persuasive basis for the feasibility of "3D contents media industry vitalization project". The collection and supply of the cultural archetype, which are analyzed as core elements for the cultural industry cluster building will be performed by Asian Cultural Complex, the role of vision presentation for the cultural industry ecosystem and the coordinator of the value chain will be public institutions related to Bitgaram Innovative City, and the 3D contents media industry is essential project required for the success of both them.

By connecting the triangular belt from culture and arts, cultural contents industry, to the public cultural institutions, Gwangju will become the central platform for the cultural industry expanding toward Asia and the world beyond the our country.

Culture is not made in a day nor formed by forces. Culture is the custom and values formed by harmonizing the thoughts and the actions of the people for a long time. Therefore, not one but thousand values are gathered and not one way but thousands ways are gathered in culture.

Creating the new culture respecting creativeness and personality of each person getting away from the uniform and unilateral culture so far is the key of the creative industry and is what the '3D contents media industry is aiming at.

So, that Gwangju, which matured with the human rights and the value of democracy accumulated in the daily living, cannot but become forefront of the creative city, which attempts the horizontal fusion and the communication of different genres line will the common will be felt empathy by everyone.

Now, for the matured transformation from the city of democracy and human rights to the creative cultural city, we aspire that the 'media cluster would be built quickly to make the Gwangju as the genuine Asian culture hub city.

Source: Gwangju Metropolitan City (2014.06)