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By building spiritually righteous
and materilaly abundant city
Gwangju is the
future of Korea.
Energy hub city
of the future
Gwangju has always been a leader.
It has become a sacred place of democracy by correcting the path of history through justice and self-sacrifice driven by the sprit of the time and great cause. Gwangju is now taking another leap forward. By building spiritually righteous and materilaly abundant city, Gwangju is growing as a center of and the future of Korea.
Gwangju is a city of automobiles. It was the first city to manufacture vehicles in Korea and as of today, it produces 620,000 vehicles per year. Moreover, projects to build an industrial complex only for automotive industry and a green car parts cluster with a budget of KRW 303 billion are underway.
Gwanju is creating the Energy Valley with the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) that has the best competitiveness in the world. The Energy Valle will accommodate competent 500 institutes and energy companies including GE and a regional office of Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI). Upon establishment of KEPCO Tech in 2022, Gwangju will become a global energy hub city through the virtuous circle of training professionals, research and industrialization.
In addition, along with the establishment of cluster of advanced feeling content's production, a project to build a startup complex focused on the artificial intelligence with the budget of KRW 1 trillion has kicked off. Furthermore, after the relocation of the military airport to South Jeolla Province, a smart city will be built on the land of 8.26 million ㎡.
Investment in the righteous and abundant Gwangju will never let you down.
Gwangju will guarantee you success in the best city to do business and work in.
Choose Gwangju as your investment destination.
Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan CityLee YongSup