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Visa-Related Services for Foreigners

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Exclusive Window for Residence Permits of Foreign Investors

KOTRA has opened investment consulting centers to assist foreign investors with all matters pertaining to visa and residence permits.
The Ministry of Justice has dispatched immigration officials to handle matters, regardless of jurisdiction, including changes of status of sojourn, extensions of stay periods, and permissions of re-entry for foreigners who hold corporate investor visas (D-8) and their families; the granting of status of sojourn to children born in Korea and their alien registration; changes of alien registration information; changes of place of residence and changes or additions of workplaces of foreigners who hold corporate investor visas (D-8).
The Investment Support Center at the Seoul Immigration Office (including the Seoul Nambu Immigration Office) has opened an exclusive window for foreign investors and handles matters concerning residence permits, such as extensions of the stay period, for foreigners who hold corporate investor visas (D-8).

Appointment System for Immigration Services

For the convenience of foreign residents, the six immigration offices located in the metropolitan area, including Seoul, Suwon, and Incheon, have appointment systems for immigration services.
Foreigners may visit the Hi Korea website to make an appointment and present the appointment receipt at an immigration office to receive services without long wait times.