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Favorable Immigration Policies

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The Korean government provides foreign investors with a variety of benefits in relation to entering and departing Korea as well as for staying in the country. Foreign investors have access to helpful immigration services, are able to gain permanent residence if qualifications are met, and are permitted to hire housekeepers. For their convenience, services such as change of the status of sojourn, alien registration, and extension of stay period are processed in the same day as they are filed.

Favorable Immigration Services for D-8 Visa Holders

Corporate investor visa (D-8) holders can use an exclusive immigration fast track at airports and are exempted from processing fees in relation to stay permits.
- Fee exemptions : Issuance of alien registration card (KRW 30,000), extension of stay period (KRW 60,000), change of status of sojourn (KRW 100,000), change/addition of workplace (KRW 120,000), re-entry permit (KRW 30,000 to 50,000)
※ Processing fees for permission of activities beyond the current status of sojourn (KRW 120,000) and issuance of certification of alien registration confirmation (KRW 2,000) are not exempted.

Immigration Priority Card

If certain qualifications are met, Immigration Priority Cards may be issued to management directors of overseas headquarters or Asian regional headquarters of foreign-invested companies. Priority card holders can use the exclusive fast track and security checkpoints at airports.
Immigration Priority Card Requirements
Immigration Priority Card Requirements : Category,Foreign-Invested Amount
Category Foreign-Invested Amount
Manufacturing At least USD 15 million
Finance, insurance At least USD 50 million
Retail and wholesale, transport, warehousing At least USD 5 million
Others At least USD 10 million
R&D At least USD 2 million
Businesses accompanying technologies for new growth engine industries
※ When renewing expired Immigration Priority Cards, at least 50% of the initially reported investment funds should have arrived in Korea.
Agency in Charge of Application and Inquiry KOTRA Foreign Investor Support Center 82-2-3497-1741