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Ulsan Technopark to Spend KRW 50.6bn to Promote Emerging Industries

According to Newsis News,

(ULSAN=Newsis News) Ulsan Techno parked announced Feb. 2 its plans to overcome the regional economic crisis by spending a total budget of KRW 50.6bn on actively promote emerging industries.

By industry, KRW 19.4bn will be used for establishing infrastructure, KRW 9.5bn on technological support, KRW 6.5bn on industrialization, KRW 5bn on incubating startups, KRW 3.4bn on technological development and support, KRW 3.2bn on reinforcing competency, KRW 1.9bn on running institutional hubs, and KRW 1.7bn on other support projects.

Especially, after the government announced last Oct. its plans to revitalize the economy of shipbuilding centers, Technopark has decided to actively try to find alternative industries in partnership with the City of Ulsan.

Through various projects to build hydrogen filling stations, create eco-friendly energy hubs, raise power Silkroad companies, and support shipbuilding personnel to begin new businesses, Technopark will continue to nurture small, but strong, technology-driven companies.

Also in the planning are projects to build a 3D printing quality assessment center, to develop technologies to utilize byproduct hydrogen, and to demonstrate energy self-reliance models.

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Source Text

Source: Newsis News (Feb. 2, 2017)

** This article was translated from the Korean.