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Battery & Energy Industry

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Battery Industry

Ulsan is fostering the battery industry as a new growth engine. Ulsan drew a blueprint for becoming one of the world’s best base cities for the battery industry as Samsung SDI, which represents the secondary cell industry of Ulsan, accounts for 21 percent of the world’s lithium-ion battery market and has maintained the top position in the market since 2011, Hyundai Motors became the first company in the world to establish a mass production system for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the world’s largest scale hydrogen town is in the process of establishment; the world-famous Solvay established a manufacturing plant for a lithium-ion battery electrolyte additive in Ulsan; and following the construction of an eco-friendly battery fusion demonstration complex in 2019, Ulsan will become a world leader in the battery industry.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
    Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Hydrogen Town Promotion Center
    Hydrogen Town Promotion Center

Energy Industry

The energy industry of Ulsan will make a new leap forward as the Donghae-1 gas field offshore of Ulsan produces 1,000 tons of LNG a day and 700 barrels of ultra light oil; as the Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project worth 3 billion barrels of oil gets underway; the Korea Institute of Energy Research builds an Ulsan branch; a hybrid energy R&D complex is established; and energy related public institutions including Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Energy Management Corporation, and Korea Energy Economics Institute move to Ulsan.
  • Northeast Asia Oil Hub Ulsan Project
    Northeast Asia Oil Hub Ulsan Project
  • Donghae-1 gas field
    Donghae-1 gas field