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Secondary Battery & Energy Industry

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Secondary Battery

Ulsan is fostering the battery industry as a new growth engine.

Ulsan was designated as the national high-tech strategic industrial complex for secondary batteries on July 24, 2023. Ulsan will strive to further attract investment in production facilities from secondary battery companies such as Samsung SDI, and leap into a global base of the secondary battery industry in connection with Ulsan's major industries such as automobile and chemical industries.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
    Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
  • Hydrogen Town Promotion Center
    Hydrogen Town Promotion Center

Energy Industry

Ulsan has successfully carried out the Northeast Asia Oil Hub Project (about 28.4 million barrels) with daily production of 1,000 tons of LNG and 700 barrels of ultra light oil from the Donghae-1 gas field (the first gas field in Korea) offshore of Ulsan. In addition, Ulsan will continue to play a leading role in realizing carbon neutrality by fostering the eco-friendly energy industries in various ways such as: establishment and operation of the Ulsan Branch of the Korea Institute of Energy Research; operation of a hydrogen pilot city; establishment of hydrogen EV test center and safety certification center; regulation-free special zone for hydrogen green mobility; demonstration project of hydrogen fuel cell tram; designation of Ulsan as distributed energy specialized area, among others.
  • Northeast Asia Oil Hub Ulsan Project
    Northeast Asia Oil Hub Ulsan Project
  • Donghae-1 gas field
    Donghae-1 gas field