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Duties & Reponsibilities

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Duties & Responsibilities : Position, Name, Tel, Job Assignment
Division/Team Position Name Tel (052) Job Assignment
Foreign Affairs, Investment and Trade Division Director for Foreign Affairs, Investment and Trade Division Kim, Chang Hyeon 229-3570 Supervision of Foreign Affairs, Investment and Trade Division
Foreign Investment Team Team Leader, Foreign Investment Promotion Yun, Hye Kyeong 229-3070 Supervision of Foreign Investment Promotion
FDI Project Manager Lee, Hyun Dong 229-3071 Foreign Investment Promotion, dispatch of investment promotion delegation
Suh, In Chal 229-3072 Interpretation & Translation in foreign company attraction, operation of IR, production of English investment promotion materials
Domestic Investment Promotion Team Team Leader, Domestic Investment Promotion Lee, Bok Hee 229-3580 Supervision of Investment Planning
Senior Manager Lee, Dae Geol 229-3581 Major work planning, major investment project management, promotion of foreigner schools establishment, etc.
Lee, Bo Kyeong 229-3582 Execution and management of investment incentives, operation of investment promotion council, etc.
Manager Lee, Yu Jin 229-3583 Execution and management of investment incentives (local investment promotion subsidy), establishment of the hub of technology hidden champions
Jang, Min Ha 229-3584 Budget, campagin pledge projects, department evaluation management, expense management (Bureau)
Assistant Manager Kim, Yong Jae 229-3585 Investment attraction performance management, IR, weekely/monthly, souvenir management
Gang, Han Sol 229-3586 Administration, office expenses