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(As of July 13, 2023)
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Position Name Tel. (052) Duties & Responsibilities
Director of Investment Promotion Division Lee, Bok Hee 229-7840 General affairs of Investment Promotion and Trade Division
Head of Investment Promotion Park, Mi Jeong 229-7841 General affairs of General Investment Promotion Team
Officer Kim, Kee Hee 229-7842 Comprehensive plan for investment promotion & key current issues
Nam, Sung Min 229-7843 Support for management and expansion of UFEZ designated as advanced investment
Head of Domestic Investment Jeong, Deok Jong 229-7851 General affairs of domestic investment promotion
Officer Cho, Hyun Seok 229-7852 Domestic investment promotion and management of incentive
Kang, Seong Nam 229-7853 Execution and management of incentive for investment companies with government matching funds
Foreign Capital Attraction Team Manager Seo Hyun-mi 229-7861 General affairs of foreign capital attraction
Officer Lee, Young Mi 229-7862 Foreign investment attraction, management of investment incentive
Jeong, Eun Young 229-7863 Management of Investor Relation (IR), implementation of marketing global investment promotion