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Ulsan FDI Status

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FDI Status (as of December 2021)

171 foreign companies are investing USD 11.4 billion in Ulsan
By country, foreign-invested companies from 46 various countries including Germany, the United States, Japan and Saudi Arabia are investing in Ulsan.

In particular, chemical companies from Japan, German, and Middle East are accounting for a great share of investment due to major industries in Onsan and Mipo National Industrial Complexes.

By industry, investment inflow has been concentrated on Ulsan's core industries such as automotive, marine shipbuilding, and chemical industries. In the coming years, active investment from foreign-invested companies is expected in the new growth engine industries for the future, such as hydrogen energy, offshore wind power, and plastic recycling.
FDI by country
(Unit: USD million)
Netherlands 2,552	Japan 2,040	Germany	 1,375 Singapore 1,298 US 848 UK 683 Kuwait 555 France 374	Belgium 272 Malaysia 213	Saudi Arabia 182 Spain 107	Others (34 countries) 974 이미지 크게보기 * Others(34 countries, No. of reported/investment amount (USD 1,000)) : Barbados(3/599,000), Norway (14/90,882), Luxembourg(4/89,582), Sweden(19/32,225), Uruguay(4/31,009), Swiss(30/30,391), Mexico(1/2,756), Canada (3/1,386), Virgin Islands(1/1,000), Russia (4/777), Denmark (2/618), Vietnam (2/532), Libya(2/450), Mongolia(5/371), Nepal (5/306), Turkey (3/285), Pakistan (3/285), UAE(2/231), Thailand (2/190), Sri Lanka(2/173), Bangladesh(2/116), Brazil(1/100),   Panama(1/100), Seychelles(1/99), Togo(1/95), India (1/95),   Philippines(1/90)
FDI by industry
(Unit: USD million)
Chemical Engineering 7,148	Transportation Machinery 2,064	Metal 729	Electrics, Electronics 475		Whoesale and Retail (Distribution) 184	 Pharmaceuticals 172 Transportation, Warehouse 125 R&D, Science and Technology 113 Electricity-Gas 108	Textile-Apparel 83	General construction  80	Nonmetal 72 Others 120 이미지 크게보기