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Labor & Employment Environment

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High Labor Productivity

Ulsan has higher value-added per person than any other city or province in Korea. Ulsan’s value-added per capita is USD 59,996, much higher than the national average of USD 32,469, as well as above Chungnam's USD 45,619 and Seoul's USD 39,949 while other cities fall far behind these figures.
Labor Productivity Comparison
(Unit : USD, Labor Productivity : GDP/Economically active population, as of 2022)
노동생산성 비교
Ulsan Seoul Busan Daegu Incheon Gwangju Daejeon Sejong
59,996 39,949 24,468 20,695 27,319 23,918 26,071 29,316

Stable Employment Environment

Ulsan has been striving to lay the groundwork for business-friendly environment and provide opportunities for workers to have better jobs. Both labor and management have endeavored to improve regional competitive power by establishing a harmonious labor-management culture.