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Abundant Industrial Utilities

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Industrial Utilities

Ulsan produces 5.17 million KWh electric power in total through combined cycle power plant and nuclear power plant, providing stable supply to Ulsan and adjacent regions. Besides, it is also equipped with the optimal infrastructure for industrial activities, such as industrial city gas, water supply and waste water treatment facilities, and steam highway. It is also pushing for an integrated Pipe Rack construction project to enable innovation of logistics transportation.

  • Industrial City Gas Supply
  • (2020, Korea City Gas Association)
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  • Electric Power Supply for Manufacturing Facilities
  • 3rd in Korea (2020, KEPCO)
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Steam Highway Construction

Installation of 6.2km High-Pressure Steam Piping (up to 100 tons per hour), Establishment of Eco-friendly Eco- Industrial Park

Pushing for Construction of Integrated Pipe Rack in Ulsan Petrochemical Complex

Improve production efficiency and industrial safety by connecting raw materials, finished products, by-products, energy, and logistics between companies