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Shipbuilding & Marine Industry (No.2 as of 2019)

The shipbuilding & marine industry in Ulsan recorded USD 980 billion in orders in 2013. The industry also accounts for 33% of Korea's total production, making Ulsan the largest shipbuilding & marine city in the world. Hyundai Heavy Industry, the world’s largest shipbuilder, and Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, the world’s 5th largest shipbuilder, are located in Ulsan. HHI is sited on an area of 6.04 million ㎡ with a production capacity of an annual 9,200 thousand GT. HMD can produce 1,191 thousand GT a year, allowing it to be the 5th largest in the world in terms of production volume. Ulsan will strive to become the most powerful shipbuilding & marine country in the world by developing FPSO, LNG, and shale gas carriers in the future.
Shipbuilding & Marine Industry Shipbuilding & Marine Industry

Status of Ulsan’s Shipbuilding and Marine Industries (2017)

Current status of shipbuilding & marine industry in Ulsan(2012)
Output(28.5%) - Ulsan: KRW 19,297,400 million, Korea: KRW 67,449,400 million Added-Value(26.0%) - Ulsan: KRW 5,255,400 million, Korea: KRW 20,184,800 million Number of Businesses(22.0%) - Ulsan: KRW 34.9 billion, Korea: KRW 158.9 billion Number of Workers(28.0%) - Ulsan: KRW 4,590,000 million, Korea: KRW 16,383,100 million
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Status of Shipbuilders in Ulsan (as of December 2019)

울산 조선해양업체 현황 표로 구분, 현대중공업, 현대미포조선 정보 제공
Classification HYUNDAI Heavy Industries HYUNDAI Mipo Dockyard
Established ’19. 6. 3. ’75. 4. 28.
HQ 1000, Bangeojinsunhwando-ro, Dong-gu 100, Bangeojinsunhwando-ro, Dong-gu
Employees 5,683 3,323
Capacity Site 6.081 million ㎡, Floor space 1.85million ㎡, 10 units of dry dock
Production capacity 10,000,000 GT(Shipbuilding), 1,200,000GT(Offshore Plant), 16,000,000BHP(Engine machine) 2,467,000GT
Total assets 13.8695 trillion 3.3806 trillion
Orders 4,473,000 GT, No.1 with 25.2% domestic market share 1,562,000GT No.5 with 8.9% domestic market share
Sales 5,456.7 billion won 3, 596.7 billion won (as of September 2019)
※[Reference] 2017 Business Report (Financial Supervisory Service official data)
Shipbuilding and offshore companies Shipbuilding and offshore companies