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Major Industries

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Major Industries (as of 2019)

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Automobile output: 5th in the world - Ulsan 20.1%, Other regions 79.9% Shipbuilding output: 1st in the world - Ulsan 28.5%, Other regions 71.5% Petrochemical output: 5th in the world - Ulsan 26.8%, Other regions 73.2%
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Major Industries

Battery industry

  • Samsung SDI secondary batteries for IT and automotive application
  • Plants for Hanhwa chemical’s Cathode materials for Lithium-ion secondary battery and solar cells
  • Solvay Flour Korea Co., Ltd.’s electrolyte additive plant

Energy industry

  • Northeast Asia oil hub with the capacity of 30 million barrels
  • Energy-related public institutions (Korea National Oil Corporation, Korea Energy Management Corporation and Korea Energy Economics Institute) moving to Ulsan
  • Establishment of an Ulsan branch of Korea Institute of Energy Research