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Ulsan City Builds New EV Infrastructure

On May 3, Ulsan City announced it will undertake the "Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Construction Project" to encourage the supply of the environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Thus, the city is spending KRW 2.5 billion to build 50 fast-charge stations.

There are already 38 fast-charge stations throughout Ulsan and the city will now have a total of 112 stations.

The number of concentrated charging stations (more than 5 units in one place) will also increase from one station in the Dongcheon Gymnasium to two, with the addition of 10 units in the Munsoo Gymnastic Park.

Moreover, the city started a slow-charger subsidy program last year. This year, the city secured KRW 900 million in government expenses and commissioned the project to the Korea Environment Corporation.

Public chargers can be installed in apartment buildings, workplaces, government offices and more with more than 100 parking lots, and EV owners can apply for the installation of private chargers.

The city will provide up to KRW 4 million for one public charger and up to KRW 1.5 million for private chargers.

The city expects the new charging infrastructure to increase private business opportunities for EVs.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (May 03, 2018)

** This article was translated from Korean.