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Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency, HIT Robotics Institute, UNIST, and QNT signed an MOU

Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency signed an MOU with Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNITST), and QNT to introduce and spread robot solution for smart manufacturing education at UNIST's office on February 13.

In particular, Robotics Institute of (HIT), specialized in robot and AI, the core of the 4th Industrial Revolution, has interest in smart robot diagnosis solution in Ulsan, the largest industrial city, and plans to introduce QNT's smart robot.

This MOU was established in the recognition that there is no educational apparatus optimized for the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies in the Korean and Chinese education market.

The main part of the MOU requires UNIST to develop educational courses, enabling Korean and Chinese talent to have proper education regarding smart robot, while QNT to provide robot solution needed for such education.

Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency will set up an international consortium with HIT's Robot institute to provide QNT's robot training equipment to Chinese education market.

As global manufacturing powerhouses are upgrading manufacturing technologies in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, it's urgent for Ulsan to secure manufacturing competitive edge.

Therefore, the manufacturing industry needs to closely cooperate with education to provide high-level personnel right for the industrial site.

Meanwhile, QNT is a technology startup, based in Ulsan, and developed world's first AI-based robot diagnosis solution and comprehensive quality management solution. It has conducted industrial technology project with UNIST since 2016, and has proven its technological capability, evidenced by SW engineering award from National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency's President said "this MOU will lay the foundation for Ulsan's industrial SW technology and educational robot equipment to enter global market, enhancing Ulsan's status as a global industrial SW city".

Source Text

** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Newsis (February 13, 2019)