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Ulsan city to support R&D funding of technology-driven SMEs

According to Yonhap News,

(ULSAN=Yonhap News) Ulsan city plans to support R&D funds for SMEs with technology competency in Ulsan region or SMEs moving from other regions.

Ulsan city announced on March 19 that it made public announcement on "2019 Ulsan Technology Innovation Enterprise Projects" to achieve one of the city's 10 core tasks, which is making the city "hub of technology-driven small but competitive enterprises".

This project is consisted of two parts: R&D for growth of SMEs which own technology competency and ideas but preciously had difficulties in accessing R&D due to the lack of experience and entry barrier; and Cooperative R&D for SMEs moving into the Ulsan region.

Ulsan Technopark will be responsible for project planning, assessment, and management.

The project expense will amount to approx. KRW 2.54 billion in total, supporting 10 SMEs for each of "Growth R&D" and "Cooperative R&D".

Those who want to participate are required to register online from April 3 to April 12, 4 pm and submit documents from April 10 to April 12, 5 pm.

More details about project announcement can be found on of Ulsan Technopark.

A city official said, "This project sets forth a new model of Ulsan-style R&D support project, and we will continue to expand the project depending on the reaction of companies and outcomes of support."

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (March 19, 2019)