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Ulsan city to find and support seven promising ICT businesses

According to Yonhap News

Unsan city and Ulsan ICT Promotion Agency (UIPA) announced on Apr. 6 that the local authorities embark on an annual project discovering and supporting small but promising businesses in local ICT industry. The potential candidates to join the service, helping local SMEs make a leap forward to global giants, are required to be headquartered in the city.

The city selects seven candidates in total going through three separate screening steps to see whether the applicants are financially stable, well-performing and planning. The municipal authorities also check out business assessment, conducting a walk-through survey at the workplace and interviewing. Once selected, the service members are given cash grants for marketing, advertising, sampling simulation, industrial certificates and product development. If interested, please visit . The dates for accepting applications are from Apr. 6 to Apr. 27.

Head of UIPA said “The project has already proven to be a remarkable success as those selected have brought out both tangible and intangible outcomes such as sales rise, expanding into global markets, branching out and branding” adding that “Ulsan city and UIPA will take a prompt and proactive action to help the SMEs already struggling due to the recent coronavirus outbreaks”.

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Source: Yonhap News (Apr. 6 , 2020)

** This article was translated from Korean.