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Southeast region of Korea will accelerate its efforts to promote co-development
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The Southeast Regional Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as "committee") consisting of Busan City, Ulsan City and the southern Gyeongsang Province, are planning to conduct various projects for co-development of the southeast region in Korea.

The committee held a seminar under the theme of "Cooperation and Co-development of Southeast Region" at Busan City Hall to discuss how to cooperate in conducting projects for regional development, to facilitate the 100 Years Forum and integrate works of the southeast region of Korea.

From this May, the committee is planning to select related and cooperated businesses that can contribute to job creation and revitalization of the regional economy for the co-development of the three regions.

First, it will complete a cooperation agreement on cultivating eight core businesses in four industries, such as energy plant (wind power, nuclear power), green chemical materials (chemical convergence), transportation machinery (intelligent machine, eco-friendly vehicle, aviation) and marine and shipbuilding (ocean plant, green ship equipment) selected in an attempt to build an industrial environment for promoting regional development.

It will organize some events to discuss, such as the 100 Years Forum where people exchange opinions about current regional affairs, Southeast Regional Related Institution Meeting, a regular discussion channel for industrial-academic-research-public cooperation, and Expert Discussion on Policy that reflects interests of stakeholders in regions and provides feedback on the implementation of policy via the media.

The committee will also accelerate efforts to integrate works of the three regions, vitalize their regional tourism industries and enhance their relationships.

The plan on vitalizing regional tourism includes the designation of the year 2013 as the Busan, Ulsan and Southern Gyeongsang Province Visit Year and starting joint marketing for attracting Chinese tourists and promotion of regional tourism application.

The committee also plans to organize the Cycling Competition for Southeast Region and start joint promotion of Southeast region's brand slogan to find their common things in history and geography.       

The committee, established in 2009 based on the Special Act on Nation's Balanced Development, consists of three ex officio members, two mayors and a local governor, and 12 regional representatives with renowned expertise and experiences in regional development.      

Source Text

Source: Yonhap News (Feb. 6, 2011)

** This is an English translation of a Korean text.