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Ulsan Installs Solar Power Generation System

Ulsan announced last Thursday that it is promoting installation of solar power generation system on the roofs in its industrial complexes to align with the Korean government’s green growth policy.

Ulsan completed negotiations with the businesses to identify factory roofs available to install solar power generation system.

Solar power generation system of 930kW has been set up on factory roofs in Buk-gu and installation of 300kW generation system in Nam-gu will be completed in the first half of this year.

The city also plans 2500kW solar power generation project using roofs of 22 factories in Buk-gu.

Fule-cell generation plant of 2800kW is also under construction in Ulsan fire generation plant with the cooperation from the Korea East West Power. Feasibility of building solar power stations on water using dams and establishing a large-scale offshore wind power stations in Buk-gu are also under review.

An Ulsan official noted that the city will endeavor to reach 5.6 percent target of new renewable energy supply by 2017 according to the new and renewable energy supply master plan established in 2011, and identify measures to install solar power generation stations.

Ulsan has completed installation of 561 solar power generation stations of total 6310kW with green home projects for single-family houses and regional supply projects for governmental offices based on the master plan to supply new renewable energy.


Source Text: Newsis (May 23, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.