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Ulsan Climbs 2013 Admin Service Satisfaction Rate

(ULSAN = Newsis) In the survey of administration service satisfaction of 2013 conducted between May and November by the external research institute, the city of Ulsan received a total grade of 88.1 a 0.3 point increase from the record in 2012, the city announced on 14 December. The survey was carried out in the areas of public officials’ telephone manners, visitor reception systems and handling of civil affairs.

Telephone manners of all staff members received the grade of 91.4, which is 0.1 point higher than the last year’s record.

Visitor reception in the main office and its 58 divisions received 84.9, a 1.5 point increase from 2012.

The city also received a reasonably high grade of 87.8 in handling civil affairs. The survey was carried out on the citizens who visited the office for civil affairs.

The division of environmental policies was ranked top with the highest grade of 95.9. The division of education and innovation cooperation was ranked the second with 94.7, followed by Clean Ulsan council (94.6) and inspector office (93.5).

The best division receives a plaque and KRW one million prize money, and excellent division receives a plaque and KRW 500 thousand prize money.

50 staff members who are acclaimed as friendly staffs in telephone response will be provided with gift vouchers.

Staff members with relatively poor performances will be provided with the training sessions to improve their telephone etiquette.

Source Text

Source: Newsis(Dec. 13, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.