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Ulsan City dispatches a Trade Mission to Zhengzhou City in China

(ULSAN=NEWSIS) Ulsan city announced June 14 that it will form a trade mission with the Ulsan Economic Promotion Agency, which will be dispatched to China’s Zhengzhou city from June 16 to 19. The city intends to provide local SMEs with opportunities to tap into larger overseas market.

9 companies, including Sungil Co., Ltd, CNF KOREA Co., Ltd, Encore Networks Co., Ltd, Dong Seo High Tech Co., Ltd, will be dispatched.

Zhengzhou City is the administrative center of Henan province, the heart of China’s economic development policy. The city’s economy is getting larger, and its investment climate is improving.

A group of Chinese corporate buyers visiting Ulsan city includes China’s renowned automobile companies, such as Zhengzhou Yutong Bus, Haima Motor Corporation, and Dongfeng Motor.

Chinese retail giant Dashang group and businesses in chemical & construction industries will also visit the city.

Given the enthusiasm of the Chinese government in attracting more foreign investment, it is expected that the trade mission will reap fruitful outcome.

“China’s central region with Henan province at its centre, will become the heart of China’s economic development. Zhengzhou City is the administrative centre of Henan province, and our trade mission will hopefully open the door for our local SMEs to China’s inland market,” said a city official.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (June. 13, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.