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Daegu, a Leading City for Electric Autonomous Vehicles

  • Korea’s only urban ITS-based testing sites constructed (2014)
  • Autonomous Vehicle Test Driving District designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (2016)
  • An autonomous driving demonstration environment established in Suseong Alpha City (2018)
  • Won the National Brand Award in the “Leading City of Electric Vehicles” category for two consecutive years (2018, 2019)
  • Won the “E-Visionary Award” at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (2019)

Daegu Became a Leading Electric Vehicle City by Creating a Manufacturing Base for Electric Vehicles and Increasing Penetration

  • The highest penetration rate of electric vehicles (over 10,000 vehicles) amongmetropolitan cities, with outstanding charging infrastructure
    • 70,000 electric vehicles and 50,000 chargers to be supplied by 2022
    • * Korea’s first operation of a charging station monitoring center (real-time monitoring, maintenance, response to customer complaints, etc.)

  • Korea’s first application of locally-produced parts to manufacturing of autonomous shuttles
    • Five local manufacturers: FUSIONSOFT, SpringCloud,, A2Z, Erae AMS

  • Diverse business models adopted and deployed through the operation and verification of autonomous shuttles within Suseong Alpha City

Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute

Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute
  • Location:201 Gukgasandanseo-ro, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu ▪ Area: 94,565m2 (including test tracks)
  • Area: 94,565m2 (including test tracks)
  • Key Achievement: Completion of ITS-based test tracks for intelligent automotive parts (2014)
  • Total Budget: KRW 97.5 billion (state funding: KRW 35.5 billion, local government funding: KRW 58.3 billion, private funding: KRW 3.7 billion)
  • Key Facilities: Management building, maintenance building, testing building, 20 test roads (including high-speed circuit), 15 types of vehicle testing equipment