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Daegu R&D Special Zone Medical R&D District

Daegu R&D Special Zone Medical R&D District

As the core of Daegu, which sets its sights on becoming a Medicity, Daegu R&D Special Zone Medical R&D District serves as one of the main engines of the city’s journey to developing a representative medical hub (designated as a R&D Special District)


  • Location: Yuram-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu (located in Daegu Innovation City)
  • Project Period: 2011 ~ 2015
  • Gross Area: 1,087,000 ㎡ (Business zones 367,000 ㎡)
  • Implementer: Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH)

Site Conditions

  • Target Sector: Manufacturing and R&D sectors related to pharmaceutical and advanced medical device industries
  • Rent : KRW 2.85 million/3.3㎡
  • Occupancy Rate
    (As of January, 2023)
    산업단지 분양실적을 나타내는 표
    Land Use Planning Total Area (1,000 ㎡) Number of Tenants Occupied (1,000 ㎡) For rent (1,000 ㎡) Occupancy Rate (%)
    Business Zone 367 66 entities 332 35 90.4
  • Access: Daegu R&D Special Zone Medical R&D District is connected with 8 expressways through Dongdaegu (East Daegu) IC, an entrance ramp to Gyeongbu Expressway
    It is 20 minutes’ drive from stations of Daegu Metro line 1, line 5, and the Dongdaegu station (KTX)
  • Key Feature: The best place to live and work as it is located within Daegu Innovation City
    A shuttle bus service between the metro station and the Medical R&D District during commuting times

Major Tenant

  • Dentis (implant manufacturer), SEAYANG and MICOR-NX (dental handpiece manufacturer, Finemedix (endoscopic sphincterotomy), 3H (acupressure beds), Okchungdang and Hana IT (Daegu’s hidden champions)

Target Industry

Manufacturing Zone
  • Manufacture of other machinery and equipment (C2511~C2513, C2593, C2594, C2599, C2719, C2721, C2732, C2912~C2919, C2921~C2926, C2929)
  • Manufacture of other electric motors and transformers (C2611, C2612, C2632, C2711, C2811, C2812, C2852, C2890, C2927)
  • Manufacture of electronic components, visual, sounding, and communication equipment (C2621, C2622, C2629, C2631, C2642, C2651, C2652, C2830, C2841, C2842)
  • Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and medicinal chemicals and botanical products and development of system and software (C2110, C2121 ~ C2123, C2130, J5821, J5822)
  • Manufacture of Perfumes and Cosmetics (C20433)
  • Research and development (M7011, M7012, M7212, M7291)

Layout Map

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