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Daegu National Industrial Park
Daegu is to establish the Daegu National Industrial Park on 8.5㎢ land where industrial, residential, commercial and research institutions will be provided to 24,000 people. The area has been designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as the Daegu Science Park in September, 2009 and aims to become the new axis of industries along with the Nakdong river industrial belt including the Seongseo 5 High-tech Industrial Complex, Seongseo 1~4 industrial complexes, Dalseong 1st and 2nd industrial complexes, Technopolisand Hyeonpung industrial complex to attract companies in sectors, such as future vehicles, advanced machinery, electronics and telecommunications and renewable energy. Also, the Daegu National Industrial Park will be a green high-tech complex by transforming the existing textiles, general machinery, automobile parts industries to intelligent automobiles parts, embedded S/W and solar energy industries under the cooperation with large-scale industrial complexes in the Yeongnam region including Gumi (electronics), Masan?Changwon (machinery) and Ulsan?Busan (automobiles).

■ Overview

  • Location: Areas of Guji Myeon, Dalseong County (near Dalseong 2nd Industrial Park FIZ)
  • Area: 8,548,000 m² ;
  • Project period: 2009 ~ Dec. 2018 (Phase 1: 2016)
  • Project cost: about KRW 1.7572 trillion
  • Project developer: Korea Land and Housing Corporation (75%), Daegu Urban Development Corporation (25%)
  • Target business: electronics and telecommunications, high-tech machinery, future cars, etc.
    ※ Non-metallic mineral products (C23), electronic devices, computers, videos, sound and communications equipment manufacturing (C26), medical, precision and optical instruments and clocks (C27), electrical devices (C28), other machinery and equipment (C29), automobiles and trailers (C30)

■ Site conditions

  • Roads between arboretum and Technopolis and an expressway between Hyunpung and Ulsan are under review

■ Progress and plan

  • Apr. 30, 2008 ~ Dec. 6, 2008: Feasibility study (Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements)
  • Aug. 26, 2008: Announcement of establishment of Daegu National Industrial Park (Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs)
  • Dec. 2008 ~ May. 2009: Establishment of Industrial Complex Plan (Development and implementation plan)
  • May. 28, 2009: Applied for designation as Daegu National Industrial Complex
  • Sept. 30, 2009: Designation
  • Oct. 2009: Basic surveys on obstructions and lands
  • Jan. 2013: Began construction of District 1 and 2 (5.92 million m²)
  • Jun. 5, 2013: Groundbreaking ceremony
  • Dec. 2016: Expected to complete the construction of phase 1

■ Location Map

■ Plan for land use

■ Bird’s Eye View