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Daegu National Industrial Park

Daegu National Industrial Park

Daegu National Industrial Park is the one and only high-tech industrial complex in Daegu that transforms the city from the hub of conventional industries, such as textiles and automotive parts, to that of cutting-edge industries, including water, new and renewable energy, future vehicle, and ICT convergence, which will serve as future economic engines


  • Location: Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
  • Development Period: 2009 ~ 2023 (Phase 1, completed at the end of 2016 / Phase 2, due to be completed at the end of 2023)
  • Gross Area: Phase 1_5,918,000 ㎡ (Industrial zone 3,169,000 ㎡) / Phase 2_2,641,000 ㎡ (Industrial zone 1,742,000 ㎡)
  • Implementer: Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), Daegu Urban Development Corporation
  • Project Cost: KRW 1.6524 trillion

Layout Map of Phse 1

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Layout Map of Phse 2

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Site Conditions

  • arget Sector: Next-generation ICT, advanced machine, future vehicle, new renewable energy, etc.
  • Rent: Phase 1_KRW 968,000/3.3㎡ | Phase 2_KRW 1,253,000/3.3㎡
  • Occupancy Rate
    (’As of January, 2023)
    산업단지 분양실적을 나타내는 표
    Land Use Planning Total Area (1,000 ㎡) Number of Tenants Occupied (1,000 ㎡) For rent (1,000 ㎡) Occupancy Rate (%)
    Industrial Zone Phase 1 3,169 208 entities 2,815 354 88.8
    Phase 2 1,742 15 entities 212 1,530 12.1
  • Access: Daegu national industrial complex is 3 minutes’ drive from Hyeonpung IC and connected with 8 expressways
  • Key Feature: With residential zones, constructed within the industrial park, Daegu National Industrial Park is less of just an industrial complex but more of a new town (Apartment complexes with around 7,000 units, the population increased over 20,000 by 2022)
    Daegu City Hall of Labor and Management Peace was constructed in the industrial park in 2021, and a labor welfare center is to be constructed

Major Tenant

  • Corporations: L&F, Daedong Mobility, Coupang, KBWS
  • Research Center: Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute (KIAPI), Daegu-Gyeongbuk Division of Korea Automotive Technology Institue (KATECH)

Layout Map of Daegu National Industrial Park

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