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Asia Solar Valley
Asia Solar Valley

■ Construction of Photovoltaic Complex

  • Period: 2009 ~ 2012 (4 years)
  • Area: 990,000 ㎡ in three complexes
    (CheongjuㆍOchang, EumseongㆍJeungpyeong, Chungju)
  • Project Cost: KRW 57 billion
    (KRW 45 billion in construction, KRW 12 billion in land purchase)
  • Industry: Companies in the photovoltaic industry and other batteries industries

■ Environment

  • A special zone for the photovoltaic industry in "Asia Solar Valley" will be designated
    - Production, distribution, and other relevant industries will be nurtured in Cheongju, Ochang, Jeungpyeong, Eumseong, and Chungju
  • The largest infrastructure for photovoltaic components and materials production in Korea
    - The region accounts for 60% of Korea's cell and module production
  • Favorable forward and backward effects in terms of industrial value chain
    - Cell: Hyundai Heavy Industries, KISCO, Shinsung ENG, A-one Tech
    - Module: Hyundai Heavy Industries, KyungDong Solar, Hae Sung Solar
    - System: DASS Tech, Techwin
  • Excellent support infrastructure in the photovoltaic components and materials industry
    - Semiconductor companies: About 60 companies including Hynix Semiconductor, MagnaChip Semiconductor, Dongbu HiTek
    - Support institutions: Technopark (which operates three centers including Semiconductor Center), universities, industry-academia cooperation projects (RIC, BK21, NURI, etc.)
  • High geographical accessibility qualifies the region as the hub of production and distribution

■ EnvironmentIncentives for Investment

  • Administrative incentives
    - A Project Manager is designated; One-stop administrative service is provided
  • Financial incentives
    - Tax reduction or exemption, cash subsidy, employment, education, and training subsidy, location support, etc.