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Gadeokdo Tourism Complex

Gadeokdo Tourism Complex

Gadeokdo Tourism Complex

Innovation of West Busan

  • Location : Gadeokdo Island
  • Area : 7.4㎢
  • Facilities : Nulcha District (international exchange and leisure zone, complex casino resort, traditional theme park, conventions, hotels, marina, etc.), Cheonseong District (tourism & leisure zone, golf course, forest experience center, marine-themed resort, townhouse, etc.) and Daehang District (tourism & leisure and logistics support zone, fishing experience village, air logistics, wellness zone, etc.)

Gadeokdo Island, which connects Busan and Geojedo Island, is located near the Busan New Port, the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone and the Eco Delta City. The area will become a leading tourist spot of the West Busan area as a future-oriented marine city for international exchange and tourism & leisure.