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Jeju Lava Seawater Park

■ Project Overview

ㅇLocation: 2972-1 Handong-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (197,341 m²)
ㅇBusiness types: beverage, cosmetics, food, spa facilities, etc.
ㅇDeveloper: Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Development Corporation

■ Project History

ㅇLava Seawater Industrial Complex development plan established (January 2009)
ㅇDesignated as General Industrial Complex (December 2009)
ㅇIndustrial complex construction begins (September 2011)
ㅇIndustrial complex basic management plan announced (September 2012)
ㅇConstruction ends (April 2013)

■ Occupation Rate

Company name Business type Area (㎡) Note
J Creation Beverage 20,243 Industrial facilities
Cotde Cosmetics 2,000
BK Bio Food 10,383
Jeju Mineral Salt Food (salt) 4,275
Jeju Yongamsu Beverage 30,000
Bio Land Cosmetics 3,054
J&J Innovation Cosmetics 1,690
Durae Cosmetics 1,650 Support facilities
Jeju Techno Park Research facility 10,103

■ Bird’s-eye View

■ Current Facilities

1. Lava seawater industrialization support center
Infrastructure support; industry-academia cooperation network establishment; technology development, promotion, marketing support
2. Education, research and exhibition facilities
Lava seawater and related product promotion, exhibition, sales, education space
3. Spa facilities (thalassotherapy)
Treatment and leisure facilities for thalassotherapy in connection with tourism industries
4. Beverage manufacturing
Using lava seawater to make drinkable salty groundwater and functional beverages
5. Food manufacturing
Using lava seawater to make foods (salty dried foods, functional foods, etc.)
6. Cosmetics and functional product manufacturing
Using lava seawater to make cosmetics and functional products

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