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Gangdong Tourism Complex
강동관광단지이미지 크게보기

Project Overview

  • Location : Sanha-dong, Jeongja-dong, Gangdong-dong, Buk-gu
  • Period : ′13 - ′23
  • Size : 1,367,240㎡
  • Complex Composition : Saeside complex rest area, Youth training area, Multi-sports area, Tower condo area, Theme park area, Training and leisure area, Health and rest area, Hub theme area
  • Facilities : Tourism and accommodation facilities, Multi event mall, Water park, and other tourism facilities
  • Investment Status
    Sea-Side Multipurpose Recreation Area: Gangdong Resort (Developer/Contractor: KD Development/Lotte Engineering & Construction)
    Tower Condo Area: Hotel & Resort (Developer/Contractor: Jaesang/TBD)
    Theme Park Area
    - Ulsan Safety Experience Hall (Developer·Operator: Ulsan Fire Department)
    - Kids Auto Park Ulsan (Developer·Operator: Korean Association for Safe Communities)
강동관광단지이미지 크게보기