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Center of Transportation

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The Key Pillar of Transportation, Connecting the Country
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International Airport
  • Daegu International Airport (1 domestic route, 7 international routes from 5 countries)
  • Daegu-Gyeongbuk New Integrated Airport (expected to open in 2030)
    • Location: Sobo-myeon, Gunwi-gun and Bian-myeon, Uiseong-gun
    • To be constructed as the crucial airport in charge of 25 percent of the domestic mobility of passengers and freight
    • Airstrip 3.8㎞ / the construction of an advanced logistics airport for medium-and long-haul flights
    • Military airport 16.9㎢ (2.3 times the current size), civilian airport 0.83㎢ (5 times the current size)
    • Establishment of logistics terminals as an economic logistics airport
High-Speed Railway
  • Dongdaegu Station (KTX‧SRT, 1hr 30min-drive to Seoul, 50 min-drive to Busan)
  • Seodaegu Station (KTX‧SRT, the operation to be started on Mar. 31, 2022)
  • Daegu Industrial Line Railway (Seodaegu Station~Daegu National Industrial Complex, the construction to be completed in 2027 / passengers and freight transport)
  • 9 expressways (Gyeongju, Busan, Gwangju, etc.) connecting as many as 8 IC
International Port
  • 4 International Ports (Busan, Ulsan, Pohang, Masan) 1 hour-drive
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