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One-Stop Investment Support Team

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One-stop Administrative Support from Land Aupply to Beginning & Completion of Construction

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  • Listen to investment grievances in business and requests of companies, form and manage a support team customized to issue
  • Share and mutually agree on current state and cooperation matters by jurisdiction in advance to support swift approval and permission
  • Address all-around grievances through site-visits, mobile consultation and conferences to support corporate growth
  • Form a seamless investment climate by finding and easing regulations directly related to business investment

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원스톱 행정지원
Investment promotion and lot provision Approval and permission to infrastructure and construction environment Move-in support and finance & labor force, etc.
  • (Investment attraction) Investment Promotion Division
  • (Lot provision consultations) Industrial Complex Promotion Division, Free Economic Zone Authority ,R&D Special Zone HQs ,Medical Innovation Foundation (KMEDIhub)
  • (Occupancy agreement) Industrial Complex Corporation, each entrusted operating institution, (Free Economic Zones) Free Economic Zone Authority, R&D Special Zone HQs, (high-tech complex) Medical Innovation Foundation (KMEDIhub)
  • (Sales contract) Each project executor
  • (Construction) Construction Division in Gun, General Civil Petition Division in Gu*
    *Gu refers to county in Korean
  • (Rainfall) Construction Division in Gu & Gun*
    *Gun refers to Ward in Korean
  • (Waste water) Water Quality Improvement Division, Environment Corporation, Environment Division in Gun, General Civil Petition Division in Gu
  • (Air) Climate Change and Air Quality Research Division in Gu, Environment Division in Gun , General Civil Petition Division in Gun
  • (Water) Waterworks Headquarters
  • (Road) Road Division, and Construction Divisions in Gu & Gun
  • (Telecommunication facilities) Communications-related division in Gu & Gun
  • (Facilities for disabled) Korea Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities in Gu & Gun
  • (Green space) Parks & Green Area Division in Gu & Gun
  • (Transportation) Transportation policy division, Transportation Division n Gu & Gun
  • (Fire service) Fire stations
  • (Electricity) KEPCO
  • (Harm and hazard prevention) Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
  • (Energy conservation plan) Korea Real Estate Board
  • (Factory registration) Each entrusted operating institution, economy division in Gu , General Civil Petition Division in Gun
  • (Move-in support) Industrial complex authorities, Industrial Complex Corporation, each management corporation, FEZ authorities, specialized research zone HQs, KMEDIhub
  • (Finance) Economic Policy Officer, Daegu Credit Guarantee Foundation, Korea Technology Finance Corporation, Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, DGB Daegu Bank, etc.
  • (Labor force) Employment and Labor Policy Division, TP, universities, etc.
  • (Business cooperation) Each industry promotion division

Memorandum of Understanding on Investment Support

Heavy workload such as supply of business sites, authorization and permission, register of factories, in each related ministry and organization
→ A one-stop system that offers tailored supports to investors is established by creating cross-ministerial and organizational cooperation channels and a dedicated team.
MOU Singing Ceremony on Investor Support Group (August 2022)
  • Details of Agreement: Cooperation in establishing a one-stop support system for corporate investment and offering prompt support
  • Signatories: (15 bodies) Daegu metropolitan government, 8 gus and guns, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, DGFEZ, Innopolis Daegu, Daegu-Gyeongbuk Regional Office of LH, Daegu Urban Development Corporation, Daegu Regional Office of KEPCO
A meeting to launch the one-stop support group (August 2022) and a workshop (December 2022)
  • Directors of related divisions and working-level staff (approx. 150) from 15 organizations of Daegu that are committed to land supply, construction, transportation, environment, tenancy, finance, and labor.
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