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Safe & Pleasant Settlement Conditions

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The City's Safety Infrastructure
  • The nation's most safe region in terms of disaster
    • Ranking No.1 for "2018 Reginal Safety Diagnosis" of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration (MOIS)
Education Infrastructure
  • Korea's top-notch city for academic achievements
    • Retaining Daegu International School (Kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school). and Daegu Science High School in the region
Healthcare Infrastructure
  • 3,820 medical institution with the second-highest number of sickbeds in Korea
  • 17 general hospitals, five medical schools, two oriental medical schools and four colleges of pharmacy
Culture, Sports and Tourism Infrastructure
  • 162 concert halls, exhibition facilities, etc., and 213 public physical training facilities
  • 797 city parks and 32 hotels (3,000 rooms)
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쾌적한 정주여건