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Fostering Talented Labor force
  • Creating around 70,000 human resources annually from 51 universities in Daegu (17,000 with STEM degrees)
  • Selected and promoted RIS-based on municipality-university cooperation (2022)
Industry-University Cooperation
  • Obtaining 39 R&D centers
    • consisting of 8 general supports, 12 industry-university cooperation cases ,19 automobile, machinery, medical and IT industries, etc.
  • Customized training of human resources
    • Established and operated by Samsung Electronics and Kyungpook National University's Mobile Engineering Department (2011)
Specialized Universities
  • Kyungpook National University (Electricity, electronics, mobile) )
  • Yeungnam University (Machinery, textile, water)
  • Keimyung University (Automobile, biology)
  • Daegu University (Energy, AI)
  • Daegu Haany University (Oriental medicine)
Reasonable Labor Cost
  • Retaining a low turnover rate, equivalent to 83 percent of the rate for the metropolitan area
다양한 문화행사 다양한 문화행사
다양한 문화행사 다양한 문화행사