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Daegu's Policy Fund Support

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Management Stabilization Fund for SMEs (Working Fund)

  • Purpose: Loan execution of commercial bank through the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund and Daegu's support for secondary reserves
  • Use of proceeds: Working fund for business management such as technology development, product production costs, labor costs, etc.
  • Loan interest rates: A deferment period of 1 year and repayment (decided by the bank in consideration of corporate credibility)
  • Period: 1 year (bank's agreed interest rate is applied after the end of support)
  • Details: Partial support of bank loan interests (Interest rate subsidy of 1.3 - 2.2 %)
    * Interest rates borne by company: loan interest rate, Interest rate subsidy (secondary reserves)
중소기업 경영안정자금
Loan Amount General Preferential* Special Preferential** Period
KRW 50 million or less 1.8% 2.0% 2.2% 1 year
Over KRW 50 million 1.3% 1.5% 1.7%
*Preferential: Winner enterprises of the SME entrepreneurship contest, companies designated 30303 (30 years old with 30 or more employees), women business, disabled business, etc.)
**Special preferential: Enterprises that won the Employment promotion award, HuStar project participating companies, Meister technology startups, etc.

Startup and Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (Facility fund)

  • Purpose: Financing long-term and low-interest for SMEs (manufacturing, manufacturing-related service industries, etc.)
  • Scale: KRW 55 billion
  • Loan interest rates: 3.0 ~ 3.5%
Startup and competitive enhancement fund
Category Eligibility Loan Interest Rates
Special preferred companies New growth driving industries, job-creating companies, HuStar project participating companies, etc. 3% (3 months, floating rate)
preferred companies STAR enterprises, pre-STAR enterprises, onward-transferring (attraction) companies, women's companies, etc. 2.15% (fluctuates every 3 months) , women business, etc. 3.2% (3 months, floating rate)
General companies General companies not eligible for the preferred 3.5% (3 months, floating rate)