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Stable Labor Relations Environment

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Best City for Labor-Management Cooperation and Mutual Growth
  • The first metropolitan city to receive Presidential Commendations for three consecutive years
First in Korea to Establish 'Labor and Management Harmony Hall'
  • In operation since its launch in Nov. 2021 in the Daegu National Industrial Complex
  • involving symbolic icons, labor industry history halls, labor-management harmony experience halls, job training halls, etc.
Labor-Management-Government Win-Win Agreements for Daegu-type Job
  • Signed Labor-Management-Government Win-Win Agreement for the 1st Daegu-type Job (Jun. 2019)
    • between labor and management of ERAE AMS (Automobile parts) / among Daegu Metropolitan City, Economic, Social & Labor Council and banks (including Korea Development Bank)
    • Signed Labor-Management-Government Win-Win Agreement for the 2nd Daegu-type Job (Nov. 2021)
      • On technology innovation, joint growth, establishment of advanced labor-management relations, and industrial structure innovation & future job creation led by fostering young talent
      • Participated by 11 institutions in labor, management, civic groups and the government, including Daedong Mobility Co., Ltd.
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